Old Elthamians v Cinderford 1st XV
Sat 10th December, 2016
Kick off 2pm

15 James Moffat
14 Eamonn Rees
13 Reuben Norville
12 Robert Winchle
11 Harry Robinson
10 Liam Hemming
9 Jimmy Williams

1 George Porter (Captain)
2 Henry Walker
3 James Tideswell
4 Jack Shields
5 Dale Lemon
6 Aaron Ryan
7 Will Keenan
8 Matthew Lane

Joe Smart
Will Haly
Adam Balding
Marcus Brown
Alex Frame

Old Elthamians 2 v Cinderford United
Sat 10th December, 2016
Kick off 2pm

15 Ollie Whiting
14 Terence Babarinsa
13 Sam Goatley
12 Alan Bryan (Captain)
11 Jack O’Connell
10 Luke McMahon
9 Clive Stuart-Smith

1 Daniel Keat
2 Sam Baker
3 Jake Drinkwater
4 Frazer Montague
5 Jake Bonser
6 Dan Nicholls
7 Jordan Taylor
8 Sam Morse

Dewi Wilcox
Luke Crunden
William Korb

One response to “Weekend team news”

  1. Roger Hawkes says:

    Several well known names are missing from the above sides.
    It would be good to know why!
    Are they injured, gone off elsewhere or what?
    Best example is Jack Adams. Big fanfare on his resigning & not seen anything of him!
    The club needs to keep the supporters up to date & the web site is the place[ + programme]

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