The Management Board, by mutual consent, agree that Nic should step down as Director of Professional Rugby & Coaching. Corrigan was appointed in November 2014 and guided Cinderford to remaining in National League 1. Finishing the last 4 games with 20 leagues points. He signed a two-year extension in January 2015 however, eleven months later leaves the Club with immediate effect.

Rob Worgan Chairman Cinderford RFC “The club is sad that Nic has, by mutual consent, stepped down from the role of DOR. We would like to thank him for the work that he has done for the club especially guiding the team to a great end of season run in 2014-15, a run that ensured our survival in National One. We wish him all the best in his future career.”

Nic Corrigan said, “I am obviously extremely saddened to be leaving this Club and the role. As I have always said, I ultimately accept and take responsibility for the team’s performance and we have not delivered the results we all hoped for during the first eleven rounds of National 1. I took on the role in difficult circumstances and it has been a huge challenge to transition the team with many hurdles along the way both on and off the pitch. I would like to thank the players, coaches, and supporters for their commitment, and hard work in my time as Director of Rugby. It has been an honour to coach this Club.”

12 responses to “Club Statement: Nic Corrigan to leave Cinderford RFC”

  1. Shaun Finning says:

    Unfortunately again the directors of the club fail to regenerate the club, old bald and stuck in their self sated position, failure to grow the club and ground, i supported Cindy through 2014 and was shocked to see rugby alas 1985 era, £10 isnt worth it, the pack are small, and the ball never gets spread, boring old fashioned and dull.

    • Mose129 says:

      Its a hard league, you aren’t going to get fast flowing rugby every time.

    • Mose129 says:

      Its a hard league, you aren’t going to get fast flowing rugby every time.Its a shame people are downgrading already, not needed

    • Caro says:

      Like most local clubs the supporters turn up game after game with passion and an eye to what they know their team can achieve and a hope that they will get somewhere near that aspiration. The games are hard fought and while the skills sets and game plan are of a predictable style, there are moments of flair or sheer grind that win us games. As a member I put my money up front to support the team and also the tradition of small town rugby.

  2. mike says:

    well the buck now stops with the management board hope they got it right !!!!!!!!!

  3. David Kerr says:

    You could always do as your neighbours in N1 do week in, week out, enlist the services of players whose loyalty is to other clubs.. By doing that you would lose all credibility and respect and would no longer be a bone fide rugby club. Stay true to your principles and retain the respect of others.

  4. Mose129 says:

    National League 1 has got to be one of the most competitive leagues in English rugby, we all know that so there’s no point putting blame on anyone at the moment, But Cinderford must come together as players and play for the shirt, spectators and Club, the talent is there. I’m sure everyone believes. Come on Cindy

  5. jono says:

    Dave you are obviously refering to one of our home grown players signing for Hartpury i was gutted when i heard the news.Lets hope its not too late to turn things around.

  6. Nick Meredith says:

    All the very best to everyone at Conderford in escaping relegation this season. Although it was freezing out on Saturday the welcome was as good as usual, and although it was sad to see how weak the team performance was I am sure that all of us away supporters from Coventry would prefer to see proper clubs like Cinderford survive at this level than some of the options.
    Good luck with whoever you find as a replacement.

  7. Roger Hawkes says:

    I think the basic problem is signing to many young “academy” players who fail to make it in Div.!.
    It seems to me that the team contains too many new signings every year, who fail to meet expectations.
    Do the club look at local talent?

    • jono says:

      I couldnt agree more Roger,ive said this time and time again the team need some old heads and someone who can lead them lets hope that the new coach can turn things around.

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