Cinderford Under 14’s V Swindon Supermarine Under 14’s
Played at The Bridge on 13/10/12

Cinderford welcomed a touring side from Swindon having not played them before. Cinderford started the game very strongly and this continued for the full duration of the game. First half tries from Frazer Montague (3), Jack Guy (2), and Luke Marrott with 2 Jack Guy conversions and a penalty gave Cinderford a half time lead of 37 – 0.

Cinderford continued their domination in the 2nd half with further tries from Will Baldwin, Luke Marrot, Frazer Montague (2) andf 3 conversions from Jack Guy (2) and Ollie Moore completed a resounding victory by 63 – 0. Swindon to their credit never gave up and battled to the end.

Cinderford’s scrum dominated throughout, capped with a Man of the Match awarded to Morgan Peates. The game was played in very good spirits and was refereed ably by Steve Davis.

Cinderford also challenged Swindon to a “boat race” in the clubhouse and Cinderford were represented by the “magnificent seven” of: Morgan Peates, Toby Powell, Jacob Smith, Josh “fishy” Haddock, Benzo James, Finlay Poultney and anchor man Fraggs Montague. With a starting line up of this quality, the outcome was never in doubt and Cinderford cruised to an easy victory!

Team : Jacob Smith, Matt Cook, Frazer Montague, Josh Haddock, Jack Guy, Toby Powell, Morgan Peates, Cam Davis, Ben James, Ollie Moore, Finlay Poultney, Arron Barnett, Jack Robbins, Will Baldwin, Luke Marrot, Ryan Owen, Niall Rosser, Ryan Kibble.

2 responses to “Cinderford Under 14’s V Swindon Supermarine Under 14’s”

  1. Browner says:

    Tell the Cinders Seven to keep practicing ….the Melbourne U14’s Guzzlers are itching for the day our ‘swilling’ paths cross…

    Be afraid ……very afraid !

  2. Browner says:

    Word has spread ………..
    U14’s across the middle of the country are practicing their ‘boat race’ skills , RFU Bigwigs have consulted hard and ‘standardisation’ has been applied, x7 of the best drinkers in each squad to take on all challengers….

    1] Teams of 7
    2] All hands behind back prior to ‘pick-up’
    3] Pick-up ONLY when previous drinker has finished & has the empty pot on his head.
    4] Minimal Spillage
    5] No physical contact’ with opposition
    6] Intimidatory stare’ing is encouraged.
    7] Disqualified for ‘Dumping’ on head.
    8] No Playing down [Reg 15 !] allowed
    9] Empty glass on Hands off FULL pints only 10] Maximum Squash / Water ratio of 10%
    11] ‘orange/fruit squash’ for the immediate future.
    12] Spectators to remain beyond chundering distance
    13] In the event of a Tie – Head coach Race decider.
    14] Supporter noise not to exceed 145 Decibels.
    15] In the event any ‘Racer’ pee’s his pants then whole team is disqualified.

    Glossop ‘Gulper’s
    Cinderford 7 ‘Sippers’
    Melbourne ‘Guzzlers’ [est 2009 !]
    Burton ‘Boaters’
    Droitwich ‘Downers’
    Swindon ‘Swiggers’
    Painswick ‘Pourers’
    Sleaford ‘Slurpers’

    Any other challengers ?

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