Cinderford Stags v Lydney United

Saturday 8th April, Dockham Road, 3pm kick off

Come along and enjoy the action

6 responses to “Cinderford Stags v Lydney United”

  1. jono says:

    Any body know how the Stags and united got on
    Not enough information on this website im afraid!
    Whats happening in the Combination cups No Information!
    This is not a one side club or is it!
    Can we have more updates please or is it too much trouble
    it doesnt take long to post a few results Does It !!!

  2. Dave B says:

    Jono…Stags won 17-5

    Combo Cup

    Newent 1sts v United Sat 15th April KO 3.00pm @ New

    Newent 2nds v Stags Sat 22nd April KO 3.00pm @ New

    Final : Bucks v Drybrook 3rds Sun 23rd KO 3.00pm @ Cind

  3. jono says:

    Thank you Dave B

  4. Roger Hawkes says:

    I agree with the remark that there is lack of information regarding teams other than the first’s.
    I would also like to know who is playing at home when the first’s are away, even the juniors.
    Also team reports are very limited for the junior sides.
    Let’s face it, the club need successful junior sides to prosper.
    Also, regular first team players go “missing” never to be heard of again, with no explanation.

    • Sid says:


      It’s something we are looking at in the mini and juniors for next season to have more in depth match reports .

      At the moment I do them is well as manage the team, coach the team , first aid etc etc

  5. Roger Hawkes says:

    Well done Sid, you obviously need more support.
    Committee please note!

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