Bury St Edmunds v Cinderford
Saturday 21st April, kick Off 3pm

Starting Line Up

15 Alexander Frame
14 Kai Little
13 Edward Bogue
12 Robert Winchle
11 Reuben Norville
10 James Moffat
9 Jimmy Williams

1 George Porter (Captain)
2 Nathan Taylor
3 James Elliot
4 George Evans
5 Dale Lemon
6 Matthew Lane
7 Matthew Bennett
8 Harry Hone


16 Joseph Smart (FR)
17 Timothy Brockett (FR)
18 Jack Shields
19 Terence Babarinsa
20 Clive Stuart-Smith

3 responses to “Bury St Edmunds v Cinderford team news”

  1. Tony Reid says:

    Go do it. In style gents.

  2. Dave says:

    On route to hopefully bury Bury St Edmunds with a coach load of Cindy supporters….Cmon Cindy!

  3. Alan Harper says:

    What a wonderful achievement.
    Proud of all associated with the first team success.
    Look forward to seeing you at Darlington Mowden Park next season -.
    Regards to all

    Alan Harper

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